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Title: Update Announcement (11/15) [Print this page]

Author: eins628    Time: 2018-11-14 04:24
Title: Update Announcement (11/15)
The maintenance on November. 15th have been finished, now you can continue to enjoy the game.

Basic Experience

1. Added vibration effect when firing and using skills.
2. Increased firing recoil.

Rookie Tutorials
1. Rookie Tutorial Adjustment: initial hero has changed from Tech-manta to Vortex.
2. All players can now unlock Tech-manta and Vortex immediately.

Gameplay Optimization
1. Players no longer receive points immediately when they KO an enemy in Bounty Hunter. Each KO generates a star which can grant enemies 10 points if they collect it. Teammates receive no points when collecting the star but they can prevent enemies from collecting the star by collecting it first.
2. Adjusted daily quest rewards. Random hero trial cards are now available to players in the first chest.
3. Players can now receive Club Contributions from matched games.

1. Fixed a number of bugs.
2. Optimized UI.

Author: HamidSimpsonYT    Time: 2019-2-25 18:50
Nicke game
Author: Anonymous    Time: 2020-1-1 11:13
Title: Update Announcement 11/15)
Should you tell.
Author: Anonymous    Time: 2020-1-18 14:31
Facebook/Google Play,etc. There is also the “Last log in” button which can send you to the account you log in last time.

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